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Door Overlay Colors*

Door Overlay Colors*

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OSBURN 1700 Fireplace Insert OB01705

Like its larger counterpart Osburn 2000, the 1700 insert offers a revamped version of perfect size to provide ambiance and warmth. Give yourself a real haven of peace with an eco-friendly device whose average particle emission rate is prodigiously low at 1.26 g/h!
Inside and out, this insert is engineered from high quality materials that put you at the center of a heating experience for many years: high-density bricks, cast iron door and quiet blower for increased durability. Discover the different options to customize the look of your appliance, available in black or brushed nickel plated: door overlays, faceplates and faceplate trims.

The Osburn 1700 must be installed in a masonry fireplace.

The Osburn 1700 model number is OB01705.
The Osburn 1700 fireplace insert is a high-efficiency appliance and EPA approved.
The Osburn 1700 recommended heating area is 500-1,800 square feet.
For each Osburn 1700 fireplace insert a blower is Included.
The Osburn 1700 includes an ultra-quiet crossflow blower with a variable speed control of CFM 130.
The insert is equipped with a thermodisc which will turn the blower off when the insert cools off.
The color for the Osburn 1700 fireplace insert is metallic black.
The fireplace insert includes a glass air-wash system.
The Osburn 1700 has a steel thickness (top) of 5/16 inches.
The optimum efficiency for the Osburn 1700 is 78%.
Emissions for the fireplace insert are 1.26 grams/hour.
The Osburn 1700 fireplace insert baffle has a high heat-resistant C-cast.
The Osburn 1700's firebox is lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution.
The fireplace insert has a stainless-steel secondary-air system for improving gas combustion.
This fireplace insert has an adjustable handle.
The Osburn 1700 fireplace insert allows for a constant view of the fire.
The recommended chimney diameter for the Osburn 1700 is 6 inches.
This fireplace insert may qualify for some government incentives.

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